Stories of Tauranga Moana

Tauranga Moana Pūrakau

Developing an understanding of Tauranga Moana and its history through the following pūrakau will enable teachers within our Kāhui Ako to access information to support their programmes of learning, through a Te Ao Māori localised curriculum. 

Compiled by Evelyn Stokes

Acknowledgment: Evelyn Stokes, 1980, University of Waikato

This site provides an interactive story map that will guide you through significant sites in Tauranga. From the maunga to the moana there are great legends and oral histories that still resonate in the hearts of our people today. The name Tauranga means safe anchor and resting place— and moana is translated to mean ocean. The large Tauranga harbour and surrounding coastline is rich in kaimoana (seafood) and has provided a livelihood for inhabitants for over seven centuries.


'Toitu he whenua, whatungarongaro he tangata'

The land is permanent, man disappears

Includes information, interactive maps of the following landmarks and/or events: