Seminar - Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools Speakers

Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools Conference 

7-8th March 2022

Brightstar Wellbeing Notes from slideshows Day 1

Day 1 Summary 

Brightstar Wellbeing Notes from slideshows Day 2

Day 2 Summary 

Greg Jansen

Speaker Presentations 

Day 1 & 2

PBS implementation .pdf
Steve Francis presentation NZ Wellbeing conf 2022.pdf
WITNESS Creating a Culture of Respect.pdf
Restorative Practice - Fundamental to Wellbeing - Greg Jansen.pdf
NZ MH conference Powerpoint to go w video.pdf
‘Fight or Flight’ Insight_ Understanding and Relieving Stress & Anxiety.pdf
Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools.pdf
Tena koutou e ngā hau e wha Greetings to the four winds (reference to people from all over the motu ).pdf
Creating trauma-sensitive classrooms to build resilience and foster compassion in the classroom.pdf
Managing stufdrent anxiety .pdf
Guiding mental health education.pdf
Fostering Wellbeing & Resilience in school settings Nau mai, Haere Mai Wendy Sandifer.pdf

The Neuroscience behind happy learners webinar. 

Cognition Education

15th March 2022

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