Te Whetū o te Tau

Learn about Matariki with Dr Rangi Matamua from Living by the Stars.

This seminar was broadcast on 29 June 2021 by CORE Education ( and Living by the Stars (

The Iwa o Matariki

The appearance of Matariki in the morning sky in mid-winter marks the Māori New Year, or Te Mātahi o te Tau. The arrival of Matariki is a sign for people to gather, to honour the dead, celebrate the present and plan for the future. Hence the phrase ‘Matariki hunga nui’ meaning the many people of Matariki. 

Matariki Calendar explanation

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Matariki ki Mauao 

Create simple manu tukutuku in the classic taratahi shape with Jack Thatcher

Matariki (Māori A4).pdf

Matariki Pukapuka Mahi

Matariki Pukapuka Mahi from Te Papa Tongarewa website. Available in English and Māori and in both A4 and A4. 

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Printing tip: For A5 workbooks, open in Adobe Acrobat and select ‘flip on short edge’, print double-sided and in colour. 

Matariki Resources

Te Iwa o Matariki | The Nine Stars of Matariki 

Click on the poster to download a pdf version of this poster from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. 

Celebrating Matariki 

An information book about Matariki


Te Iwa o Matariki 

Colouring and activity book