ECE Partnerships

Enrolment Procedures

Enrolment / transitioning information for each of our kura

Gate Pa School

Step 1 - Contact Us

Contact the school via phone, email or pop in to the office.

Email :

Phone: (07) 578 5325

Step 2 - Complete the enrolment forms

Step 3 - Get to know the staff and the school

All children starting school need to have a minimum of three visits to the classroom prior to starting school. Parents are required to stay with their child during these visits. Book your school visit days at the school office. Most visits happen between 8.55am and 11am on a Tuesday. Alternative times can be negotiated where there is a need.

These visits…

Greenpark School


Greerton Village School

To enrol your child(ren) please:

When bringing in your enrolment form, please attach the following documents:

• Proof of Address in school zone

• Birth Certificate or Passport

• Immunisation Record

Cyber Safety Agreement

Kaimai School


You are welcome to enroll your child at any stage prior to their fifth birthday.  We would appreciate having enrolment forms completed on the day of the pre-entry visit that you attend.  This will enable the teacher to have everything ready for your child’s first day at school.


Pre-schoolers usually attend their school visits the 2 weeks before they turn 5. School visits are arranged with the school office or Room 1, (Ruma Kereru) teacher and usually run from 8.40am until interval. For your child’s school visit, they may want to have a healthy snack and a water bottle so as they can join in the interval activities.

A parent or caregiver must accompany each child to the New Entrant visit and remain with the child throughout the morning. This will enable you to support your child in their transition to school as well as providing an opportunity for the teacher to explain class organisation in greater detail.

Things We Require from You When You Enrol Your Child

As part of the Ministry of Education’s requirements we need a copy of your child’s birth certificate, immunisation certificate and any other relevant information regarding health and welfare. We also need contact phone numbers in case of an emergency and your family doctor’s details.

Merivale School

Contact the school office.

Address:   25 Kesteven Avenue


                   Tauranga 3112

                   New Zealand


Phone:     (07) 5786900

                   0800 ValeWay  (825392)


Fax:            (07) 5786900       





Oropi School

Contact the school office.

1334 Oropi Road

RD 3


Phone: 07 543 1479



Families enrol by Hero online or come into our school office at any time prior to being 5 yrs and then they are on our pre enrolment list.  

School Visits

Children transitioning into Oropi School usually benefit from 2-3 visits prior to their start date. A letter will be sent to your child approximately six weeks before they are due to start, inviting the child and an adult to come and spend time in Kiwi Class. School visits are usually on a Thursday morning 9-11am. A caregiver must stay with your child during school visits. During school visits, your child will participate in the daily class programme. We contact them 1-2 months before they are due to start school and then arrange 3 classroom visits. 

Contacts for enrolments:

Andrew King, Principal:

Ayn Harris DP:

Sarah Weston, Junior Team leader / New entrants Teacher:

Pyes Pā School

Enrolling at Pyes Pā School

Contact the school office.

978 Pyes Pā Road

RD3, Pyes Pā

Tauranga, 3173

Phone: 07 543 0064


For enrolment at Pyes Pā School, we welcome visitors to our school office between 8.30am and 3.30pm. For any further details, please do not hesitate to email us at: or call us on 07 543 0064 to make an appointment. We are very happy to show you around our delightful school and look forward to meeting with you.

Children transitioning into Pyes Pā School usually benefit from 2-3 visits prior to their start date. Further information including our pre-enrolment online form and transition to school booklet can be found on our school website

Taumata School

Enrolling at Taumata School

Starting school is an exciting event. Establishing a robust home-school partnership starts with beginning the enrolment process early. This partnership will ensure a positive experience for you and your child.

If your child is turning 5:

Your child can start school between the ages of 5 and 6. To enable us to provide a transitional experience that is inclusive and well planned, we begin new entrants in Weeks One and Six of each term. Enrolling online at least six months before they turn 5 helps the school to plan for your child's arrival. A member of Taumata School will contact you to arrange a time to meet and complete the enrolment process. Once a place at Taumata School is confirmed a transition programme will be provided to ensure a successful school start.

For children starting in Term 1 of any given year:

For children starting in Term’s 2-4:

Contacts for Enrolment:

Principal- Gen Fuller:

Deputy Principal: Mike Rankin:

Deputy Principal- Jacqui Pricel:

Tauranga Primary School

Online Enrolment

To complete an online enrolment form please click here 

School Code - 1991

Enter your personal email address

Follow the instructions on this site

Please note ETAP is our school online student management system. Information you record onto this website is safe and security protected for your privacy. Tauranga Primary School is the only organisation that can access this information.

Alternatively,  you can download an enrolment form:

TPS Enrolment Form

Once you have completed the enrolment form, please return it to the Tauranga Primary School office 

TPS Whānau Information Booklet 

Cohort Entry Policy


Cohort entry applies to 5 year olds (New Entrant enrolments) only. There are eight starting dates for 5 year olds during the year. Students can start school on a cohort entry date after their fifth birthday.


Tauranga Special School

Tauranga Special School

39 Eighteenth Avenue, Tauranga, 3112, New Zealand

Phone: (07) 578 4424  |  Fax: (07) 571 0813


You may also contact Deputy Principal Dale Megson for specific information about the enrolment process for out of town students and internal transitioning processes. 

Enrolment Process for new students (from ECE or Local school)

Tauriko School

Tauriko School operates an enrolment scheme. All children who live within the zone operated by this scheme are entitled to come to Tauriko School as of right. Enrolment forms for these students can be obtained from the school office.

Parents of students who live within the school's home zone and who intend to enrol their child(ren) at any time during 2021, should notify the school as soon as possible to assist the school to plan appropriately for 2021.

Any children who do not live in this zone can pre-enrol to apply to be considered for a place the following term. If more students apply than there are out-of-zone places a ballot is held to determine which students are enrolled. Information about this process and how it works is on our website.

Parents of students turning five, who live in our home zone and intend enrolling their child, should notify Andrea Walker  as soon as possible to assist the school to plan.

Whānau may also contact Deputy Principal Lisa Rose. 

Email: Phone: 07-5430430

Welcome Bay School

Enrolling at Welcome Bay is as easy as picking up the phone or calling in to the office and making an appointment.

These enrolment meetings with Jamie (Principal) or Nikki (Deputy) happen Monday to Wednesday. This hui begins the partnership between home and school, which we both want to be an educationally powerful one so our children can fly in their life and learning. Once we have met, if your child has been to a previous school we will make contact with them to ensure we have all the information we need. Your child will start the following Monday. If your child is four and they will join our Kick Start Programme.

Office Contact Details:

Email Cherie Stirling or phone 07 544 1113

The Kick Start programme is for those children who will be turning five years old this year. It is an opportunity for whānau to bring their child to school for four sessions (Monday 2 - 2:45pm) in the 4 weeks prior to them starting school.