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Understanding the OnePlan

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Learning Support Register

SENCOs and other designated Learning Support personnel from all schools and learning centres in the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako will be collecting and collating Learning Support data, sharing aggregated information in order to identify trends, patterns, and areas of need so appropriate resourcing and services can be accessed and appropriately distributed. 

What information will be shared 

Aggregated information of: year, gender, ethnicity, learning centre, education sector, attendance threshold, area of need, support need, sub need, priority of support, diagnosis type, diagnosis sub type, learner status, response provider, response status, funding, internal response, response type, tier of response will be collated and shared. 

Who will collate the information 

Each SENCO and/or other designated Learning Support personnel will collect their school data and share their school’s aggregated information with the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako Across School Teacher for Learning Support, Emma Rānui. Emma will collate the data and have it analysed to re-share. 

How information will be shared securely for collation

All information will be void of personal information, e.g. student name, NSN number, date of birth, or other identifiable information. All schools will be required to electronically share aggregated information only to the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako Across School Learning Support team. Upon the collation of aggregated information, this Learning Support team will only share this information with the relevant IT personnel at the MOE, the Learning Support Panel and key Kāhui Ako personnel. 

How information will be stored and disposed of

All aggregated information for the Kāhui Ako will be stored electronically on Google Drive with no access provided to any other person(s) other than the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako Across School Learning Support team who is responsible for collating the cluster data. 

Once the data has been collated and general trends, patterns and needs shared with the Learning Support panel, the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako Across School Learning Support team will appropriately dispose of any data that is no longer required. 

How a privacy breach will be managed

If we become aware of a privacy breach in the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako, we will respond as quickly as possible to minimise any harm to the people affected and our Kāhui Ako. We will utilise the information provided by the Office of the Privacy Commission in responding to a privacy breach. 

These are four key steps in dealing with a privacy breach:

We will complete the first three steps either at the same time or in quick succession. Following this, we will use step four to come up with longer-term solutions and prevention strategies.

We recognise that every privacy breach has a different level of risk and impact. Therefore, we will evaluate and respond to them on a case-by-case basis.

Tīhore Mai i Uta Tīhore Mai i Tai

Tauranga Peninsular Kāhui Ako has partnered with Bay of Plenty District Health Board to create an early intervention school-based mental health service for tamariki and whānau in Years 1-8.  The registered mental health clinician works with their Kāhui Ako and CAMHS colleagues, parents and whānau to ensure that  learners  are  identified  and  evidence-based interventions  are  put  into  place  to  support mental health and wellbeing needs. 

With agreement from the student or their parent/guardian, members of the Tauranga Peninsula Kāhui Ako are disclosing and using personal information about children and young people, for the purpose of providing better support to meet their mental health needs.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health may use the information shared for the purpose of administration and analysis, for example, to find out about the overall numbers of children requiring specific types of support. This will allow the Ministries to plan ahead for numbers of staff and specialists, and other services and types of support. 

Why are we sharing this information

Our school is part of a group of schools called a Kāhui Ako that shares information to:

What information we will share

If you agree, we will share and discuss the following information about your child’s additional support needs with the Kāhui Ako clinicians and the Across School Leader for Learning Support:

Who will see the information

If whānau agrees, the above information will be collected, collated and shared with the Kāhui Ako clinicians and the Across School Leaders for Learning Support who will discuss how best to respond to the needs of the child or young person.    

They will seek agreement from the child or young person’s parents, family or whānau before involving any other organisations.

How will we keep the information safe

Upon receiving written consent from the parents or whānau, an electronic referral will be shared with the Kāhui Ako clinicians and the Across School Leaders for Learning Support. This information will be discussed and an appropriate action plan for supporting the student will be devised. 

All information about children and young people that are no longer enrolled with the School or deemed no longer required for Learning Support will be appropriately archived. 

How you can see the correct information

You can request access to the information through the school your child is enrolled with. All requests for information must be received in writing to the education provider. Any inaccuracies or omissions can be corrected at any time. 

What will happen if you don’t agree to your child’s information being shared

If you do not agree to your child’s information being shared and discussed with Kāhui Ako clinicians and the Across School Leaders for Learning Support, we will still provide support for your child’s needs within our school/kura. However, it is important to note that without sharing your child’s information with the experienced Learning Support personnel, they may not be able to gain access to resources, support and/or services that may assist in supporting your child’s mental health needs. 

You can decide to withdraw your consent at any time.

Key Contacts

Key contacts for Learning Support: 

ASL Learning Support: 

Tīhore Mai i Uta Tīhore Mai i Tai, Mental Health Clinicians: