Progress Aspiration 3: Hauora | Wellbeing

Progress Aspiration #3: Shared Goal  

A positive culture of wellbeing will be embedded across the Kāhui Ako achieved through: 

These localised models will promote partnerships and collaboration to improve hauora, address students’ needs and enable our people to feel happy, healthy, accepted, respected, supported and connected.

Learning Support Delivery Model (LSDM)

Te Rito

Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs)

NGOs and agency partnership


Support programmes

Engagement in Sports, Arts and Culture

Data sharing

Learning Support Panel 

Wellbeing ASLs

Jihan and Ann-Marie are the ASLs leading our Hauora | Wellbeing workstream. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Jihan El-Labany


Ann-Marie Morris


Learning Support ASLs

Emma and Dave are the ASLs leading our Learning Support workstream which sit underneath the Hauora Progress Aspiration. 

Emma Rānui


David Plane